Sanford Caves…Accepts Stimulus Funds

So much for his conservative “principles”:

Gov. Mark Sanford will comply with a midnight Friday stimulus deadline and become the last governor in the nation to seek millions of dollars in federal economic-recovery funds for his state, aides said late Thursday.

I’m sure the people of South Carolina are relieved that Sanford’s 2012 political ambitions won’t permanently entrench the state in poverty.


South Carolina Republicans: Sanford is Full of Crap. We’re Taking The Stimulus Money

Gosh, Mark Sanford. You’re so hardcore, taking 95% errr…”rejecting” stimulus money even though you knew that the Republican legislature, who’s not running for president, would take the money anyways.

When Ideology Kills: Several GOP Governors Leaning Towards Rejecting Stimulus Aid

It never ceases to amaze me how much being a popular republican politician is dependent on the rejection of basic common sense:

A half-dozen Republican governors are considering turning down some money from the federal stimulus package, a move opponents say puts conservative ideology ahead of the needs of constituents struggling with foreclosures and unemployment.

Though none has outright rejected the money available for education, healthcare, and infrastructure, the governors of Alaska, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas have all questioned whether the $787 billion bill signed into law this week will help the economy.

Its sad that the people being harmed the most by this poor economy will have to suffer because a couple of jackass governors plan on running for president in 2012.

Oh yes, I know that’s not the “real” reason these governors are rejecting this aid. They’d never admit that they make major life and death decisions based on politics but trust me when I say it isn’t a coincidence that most of the major contenders for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2012 turned down this aid.

But hey, its just money. A lot of money…and jobs:

Say that all six governors—we’re talking Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alaska, Idaho, and Louisiana—rejected the stimulus outright. They would be saying “no” to a collective 424,000 jobs, according to White House estimates. They’d also be sniffing at a total of $3.8 billion for highways and bridges, $559 million for public transit, and $1.5 billion for education. And that’s not including state-specific projects like Louisiana’s $460 million for flood protection efforts, which include building locks and dams as well as coastal restoration. All told, they would be rejecting an estimated $69 billion.

This my friends, is almost as stupid as denying evolution.

Pro-Huckabee group claims McCain supports Experiments on Unborn Children

In other shocking news. A pro Huckabee 527 group is running a push poll in South Carolina that claims that John McCain supports “Experiments on Unborn Children”. Yes you read that right. Supports “Experiments on Unborn Children”. You can’t make this shit up.
What is it with people push polling John McCain in South Carolina

Obama: Clinton remark’s not racist

In an interview/press conference with ABC news Barack Obama told reporters that he thought Clinton’s comments were in no way racist.

Sen. Barack Obama told ABC News Monday there is nothing in Sen. Hillary Clinton’s record that would give him any cause for concern about her in terms of racial politics.

Asked how Obama interpreted two recent remarks by the Clintons that prompted an angry reaction from some in the Black community, Obama sought to damp down the racial dynamics of the controversy.

Many African Americans were offended when Hillary Clinton told an interviewer in New Hampshire, “Martin Luther King’s dream became a reality when Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

Some say she seemed to suggest that it took a white politician to fulfill a black man’s dream.

“I don’t think it was in any way a racial comment,” Obama told ABC News. “That’s something that has played out in the press. That’s not my view.”

Good for Obama. I’m glad he came out and made a public statement to clarify that he was not attempting to play racial politics. HOWEVER, knowing what I do about politics, this is usually what campaigns do. They plant the seed in the minds of voters, let the press talk about it non stop for a few days and then apologize, clarify, or take the “charitable” stance. If Obama really felt that people, many of them people involved in his campaign, were misinterpreting comments Clinton made last week then Obama could have made this statement then. I guess more politics as usual for Obama.

Though like I said originally, my hat is off to him for eventually saying the right thing.