Jay Park 6 Foot 7 Remix: Apparently Koreans Can Rap Too

I’ve never heard of this Jay Park kid, but apparently he’s really famous in Korea. Regardless, he totally destroy’s this remix of Lil Wayne’s 6 FOOT 7


Ghost Ride The Blog

When I started this blog I had two important purposes. To write high quality blog posts about political issues like Iraq, Taxes, and Health care. Second, and most importantly, to post high quality videos of people “Ghost Riding Da Whip.”

Well…not really, but still, my Ghost Riding the Whip posts have been non existant for a long time. But tonight, I make that up to you!

For your enjoyment:

Why Restrict Ghost Riding to Cars?

Ghost Riding Da Whip For Dummies

This is What Happens When Rich White People Ghost Ride Things

Now You Too Can Crank dat!

After watching Richard Stallman and his MIT posse doin the Soulja Boy people are running up to me left and right and saying “Philly Phil…How can I do the Soulja Boy and be as nerdcore cool as the MIT homies” Well my fans ask and they receive. I present to you the official Soulja Boy dance instructional video.