Dr Horrible The Nintendo Saga or Captain Hammer is Still a Tool in 8 bit

So I says to myself: “Self, what would Dr Horrible look like if he were an 8 bit Nintendo character?”

Taking my query to Google I said ”


And so it did, because Google is my bitch.



I’m Going To Watch This Movie Just To See A 12 Year Old Say…


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been waiting for the film adaptation of Mark Millar’s Kick Ass for a longtime. After all, Mark Millar + gratuitous violence…What’s not to like? But after seeing this Red Band trailer of Kick Ass that highlightsa few scenes with Hit Girl, one of the supporting characters in the comic, I’m going solely and purely so I can watch a 12 year old girl say the word cunt.

Hollywood, just when I’ve given up hope you always renew my faith. God bless you and God bless America. I love this country.

The “Must See” Bruno Interview

I’m not generally a huge fan of Sacha Baron Cohen’s impressionist comedy. I didn’t get into “Da Ali G Show” and the trailers for Borat didn’t even muster a slight chuckle out of me. So when I first heard Cohen was making a movie about a gay Austrian, I thought “Oh lord, here comes Borat 2”.

But for whatever reason Bruno strikes me as a hell of a lot funnier than either Ali G or Borat. After watching these clips  from a Bruno interview on famous Australian TV show Rove, I think Cohen has finally convinced me to shell out $9 bucks to see him play gay for 2 hours.

If you’re into Cohen’s work, or even remotely interested in seeing Bruno you’ve got to check out the youtube of his interview below the fold…

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And The Actor Selected to Be The Next Green Lantern is…

Ryan Reynolds

Obviously I would’ve preferred Nathan Fillion to take the reins as DC’s Emerald super hero, but Fillion was never even considered for the role outside of fan circles. Reynolds, who apparently beat out The Hangover’s Bradley Cooper and pop star Justin Timberlake  for the role, is still a solid choice.

My only complaint is that Reynold has a tendency to rely too much on his comedic skills and not enough on his acting talents. I’m all for wise cracking super hero’s, but I’d hate to see the Green  Lantern movie come across as campy. There’s not a lot of humor in the Green Lantern comics but still its there. I can’t help but wonder if Reynold’s casting is a telltale sign of what direction the script is going to take Lantern.

More Roofies? : The Hangover Sequel

There’s not many places in the world where you can read a detailed criticism of the president’s Supreme Court nominee followed by movie news about four guys who get so drunk, they don’t remember how or why they stole a cop car, married a hooker or have Mike Tyson singing Phil Collins in their hotel room . Thankfully for you this is one of those places.

In what looks like a wise decisions, Warner Brothers studio’s has already commissioned director Todd Phillips to write a sequel to hilarious low budget movie “The Hangover”.

If you haven’t seen The Hangover stop what you’re doing right now and run to the nearest movie theater.

Here’s a trailer:

Extended 4 Min Trailer From Terminator: Salvation Just Released

Warner Brothers just released a 4 minute extended trailer from the new terminator: Terminator: Salvation

A couple of thoughts:

1. I’m infinitely skeptical of any movie that gets a 4 minute trailer. In my experience, most of the big budget Hollywood movies that get released these days don’t even have 4 minutes of a quality movie. And we all know that one of the worse movie experiences is when you’re sitting in the theater and you realize that all the good parts of the movie were in the trailer.

2. I’m even more skeptical of a badass action movie that has a PG=13 rating ESPECIALLY a Terminator movie. Sure, movies have pulled it off before, The Dark Knight comes to mind, but I can ‘t recall a movie who’s main selling point was a heavy dosage of violence, explosions, and post apocalyptic war who has pulled it off. I might be willing to overlook this if not for the seal clubbing that was Terminator 3. A “movie” that had absolutely nothing good about it. Not to mention that James Cameron is being replaced by McG. Yes, the same McG that directed Charlie’s Angels. Ugh

Quite Possibly The Best Documentary I’ve Ever Seen

This was quite possibly the best documentary i’ve ever seen in my life. Yes, it was that good. But that’s just me and i’m a big fan of schadenfreude. Plus you have to admit it takes balls to go back and interview ex girlfriends who’ve dumped you in the past:

A Complete History of My Sexual Failures Trailer: