Is General Petraeus Planning a 2012 Run?

Conservatives around the blogosphere so:

“THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that General Petraeus is planning on delivering the commencement address at the University of Iowa in 2010.”

So reports Michael Goldfarb, late of the McCain campaign, on the magazine’s blog.

Petraeus going to Iowa, a state he doesn’t have previous ties to, is going to create a huge amount of buzz about his presidential ambitions because the Iowa Caucuses kick off the whole presidential nomination process. If he does, deliver the address–and Petraeus must know this–it will be seen as a sign that he is thinking about running in 2012.

Previously, it has been thought that Petraeus would not run against a president who had been his Commander in Chief. But there are reports of tension between Petraeus and Obama over both Iraq and Afghan strategy.

Is it just me or there something unseemly about a general gearing a potential presidential run while serving the commander and chief he would be running against. If that’s not a conflict of interest i’m not sure what is.

Admittedly, a Petraeus/Romney or Romney/Petraeus ticket definitely has potential. Maybe even a Petraeus/Gingrich ticket.


When Obama Surrogates Attack

From Politico

McCaskill was stepping out of her chair at the end of an MSNBC interview, and Romney was up next. She and a staffer unplugged her various wires, and she handed Romney the earpiece the guests use to hear the host.

“I spit on this before I put it in,” she said to Romney, with a sweet smile.


Halperin: McCain-Romney 08

Apparently his source is two GOP officials . Guess McCain’s going after that pro choice vote after all.

I actually think this is a decent choice for McBush. He sures up his weakness on the economy lets be honest, Mitt Romney is a fake politician stuffed Ken doll. The perfect kind of person for the McCain campaign to tool around. Romney also brings a lot of his own money and the money/support of a tight knit and powerful cadre of politically active Mormons.

Plus, if there’s one thing Romney is good at its switching positions creating soundbites.

But of course, Mitt Romney is a chronic liar who couldn’t keep a stable stance on an issue to save his book of Mormons.

Will Ron Paul win Nevada?

Via Talking Points Memo (from the AP):

No major GOP candidate has set foot in the state for two months, and some Republicans are bracing for a possible surprise first-place showing by long-shot Texas Rep. Ron Paul, the only Republican to broadcast TV ads in Nevada.

PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN. What better way to mock the schism in the Republican party than allowing Ron Paul to win a state. Though the Republican politics in Nevada do lean more towards a Ron Paul libertarianism more than they fall in line with the national party. Nevada would be the perfect place for Paul to make a significant splash especially after you factor in the fact that no Republican is campaigning there.

Sadly, this is unlikely to happen. Romney and McCain both have built in advantages. Romney can rely on the active and organized large Mormon population in Nevada while McCain is a popular and well known Senator from a neighboring state.

But a third place for Paul,which is very much possible, would be a big boost for his national credibility.

Five things I know I know: about the Republican Primary

1. If your wife owns you in a snowball fight you are automatically disqualified from being president. Period. I’m sorry, call me sexist but there are some things that a guy should never lose to a girl in. Snowball fights are one of them. This is ESPECIALLY true when you get punked so bad that you have to quit because “your hands are too cold to pick up snow.” Seriously bro? What would the Russians think if they met the next President of the United States and it was a guy who lost a snowball fight to his wife. It’d be World War III I tell ya. Hell on Earth. If you care about your kids then don’t vote Mike Huckabee to become the next president of the United States.

2. Election’s are too long. Not because they take up too much time in the Calendar year, but because they’re not fights to the death. Thus I propose that we skip elections all together and have gladiator style fights to the death. And no not like that lame ass “new” American Gladiators BS. I’m talking Roman Collesium mets Japanese barbwire death matches. Three reasons why we should let fights to death determine our president:

1) Because i know im not the only one who’s thought “I’m not voting for him That other dude could totally kick
his ass”

2) You don’t like negative ads. Me either! If candidates fought to the death it would be the end of all negative
campaigning ! That;s 100% solvency.

3) It would probably produce better results than caucuses or Republican voting.

3. John Mcain looks like a robot, John McCain talks like a robot and John McCain moves like a robot. (An almost dead robot says Megan)

4. Ron Paul looks like my crazy old grandpa. And like any crazy old grandpa, his opinions should be ignored for anything that’s not Bingo, Oatmeal, or Matlock related.

5. Mitt Romney looks like a plastic Ken doll. His political stances are just as fake as a plastic Ken doll. What pro lifer “accidentally” sends a check to Planned Parenthood? Anyone who really believes that Mitt Romney is a conservative is :