Asshole: Live blogging in Real Time

I’m in a bad mood so i’ve decided to liveblog me being an asshole. Yeah, fucking revolutionary huh?

6:31 pm. Changed my facebook status to “Phillip Allen just de-friended Don Bailey on facebook. Only REAL, rappers are allowed to on my wall son

6:41 pm: Vernon Davis has his own diet? Maybe he should come up with his own learn how to catch the fucking football book next?

6:47 pm: Probably the gayest thing I’ve heard all day. SCary’s facebook status: “just has to brag a little bit more. Guess who got a first edition of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” by Julia Child for Christmas? THIS GUY!!”

6:50pm- An Aim Conversation

Mr. Awesome: so when you get pregnant are you going to stop wearing shoes?
Hannah0913: i barely wear shoes as it is. Only when in public
Mr. Awesome: damn right
Hannah0913:shoes are for people who go do things. i stay at home
Mr. Awesome:…that was dare I say facebookable
Hannah0913: whatever
Mr. Awesome: that was a compliment!
Hannah0913: must be a slow week for yo u
Mr. Awesome: you just dont like talking to me unless im putting you down and insulting your boobs
typical woman
Hannah0913: Now  have to go home and ask my husband if my boobs are saggy to help build my self esteem

7:15 pm: Phillip has added “being an asshole on facebook to his interests”

7:55pm: Facebook status- “LS realizes his limitations”- My reply “PA realized your limitations ALONG time ago…”


Too Little Too Late For McCain

That was by far the best debate, especially for McCain. If McCain had debate like that throughout the election he would be doing a lot better in the pollls. Here’s a breakdown of each candidate.


Winner by default

Obama didn’t do anything to lose the debate so in many ways he won the debate, and with it the election. Obama started off strong, especially compared to the rambling McCain but when McCain started talking about issues of character and integrity, Obama waivered. Not because Obama lacks character and integrity per se, but more so because McCain knows how to speaks the language of a character voter.

Integrity and Character

Obama still struggles when he has to talk about personal integrity issues like his public finance pledge for example. 90% of the people don’t care about the public financing issue they care because Obama looked the American people in the eye and said he would take a certain course of action and then he didn’t. Fortunately for Obama, McCain has done an absolutely horrible job framing this point and making it into a voting issue.

Details versus Rhetoric

Obama does best when he talks about the big picture. This what the audacity of Hope is about. Its not a lack of good answers that’s Obama’s problem its his tendency to talk like a college professor. Obama’s summation on education, abortion, and the mortgage crisis polled through the roof.


McCain finally shows up to a debate

This was by far McCain’s best debate. McCain does best when he’s arguing as John Mcain instead “Copy and Paste” Republican Candidate. You say John McCain gets angry. I say good. Here’s a secret. Voters love it when candidates get angry. An angry candidate throws all the political BS out of the window and provide a contrast between the candidates. It shows that they care about the issues.

In this debate McCain got angry. But it was less “old man grumpy angry” and more I believe in this and I’m going to call you on it.

Non Verbals that kill

Anger is good. Disdain is not. Some of McCain’s facial expressions during the debate gave off a horrible impressions. But as much as politico’s love to talk about it, most independent or “soft” voters don’t care about it one way or another.

Offense wins Championships and Elections

Charles Krauthammer made a grade point on health care. McCain’s problem with these debates, and his campaign in general, is that he jabs and jabs but never delivers the finishing blow. Much like boxing, if you’re only debating in order to win by points you’re going to lose.

Live Blogging the Debate II: Obama Rama

No Town Hall = I’m a bastard

6:26: What does not having a town hall have to do with being an asshole?

McCain finds his Groove ?

6:28: Too little too late. McCain was on a pretty good rift about Obama breaking his word to the American people about things like Public financing as well as Obama failing to repudiate John Lewis’ attacks on McCain.

This is something McCain should’ve done a long time ago. Making a voter question a candidate’s word, and integrity, plays well with independents and male voters, as witnessed by CNN’s focus poll lines. At the beginning of this campaign John McCain’s integrity was as good as gold politically. Issues aside, a lot of people vote based on character. And bottomline Obama has gone back on several pledges he’s made ie Campaign Finance reform.

This Ayers Attack is Weak Sauce

6:39: If the ultimate point about William Ayers is “we need to find out more” that’s a very unpersuasive argument. For right or wrong, I think a lot of voters are willing to listen to the Ayers attack but they’re too smart to buy the McCain campaign’s BS on this.

Why do we always have to spend more?

6:46 Because you can’t help people by doing nothing

Obama: You Should Vote for My Health Care Plan Because…

6:57: Its just like Hillary Clinton’s now.

The Bottomline on Health Care:

7:01: McCain’s plan increases taxes on businesses. End of story.

Zing! on Education:

7:19: They’re going to have a mortgage before they even buy a house

… Nice

My Party Sucks so Vote for Me!

7:28: Shouldn’t the fact that a central part of your message is “I go against my party” worry voters? You might claim to be a maverick but 9 out of 10 times a President teams with his party. If the Republican party has led us astray so often isn’t that also an indite the Republican candidate?

The Best Political Team on Television?

7:37 Does anyone think its funny that CNN calls its team the best Political Team on Television when its actually the worst? (Chris Matthews aside)

Live Blogging the Debate I: Can McCain Catch Up?

More Boring Moderators

6:02: Bob Scheffer. *Yawn* I’m so tired of these “neutral” ie BORING debate moderators.

Jesus Christ McCain

6:03: FANNIE MAE AND FREDDY MAC DID NOT CAUSE THE HOUSING CRISIS. Jesus. This is basic economic knowledge. Fannie and Freddy buy up Mortgages. They don’t give out predatory loans. God man.

BTW Obama owned a rambling John McCain on whose’s mortgage plan is better. McCain didn’t even anwser a question which was essentially “why is your plan good?”


6:08: Eight minutes into the debate and I haven’t understood a word John McCain has said.

A good line in an avalanche of incoherence

6:12 John McCain finally stumbled into a good line (from a Conservative point of view) “Why would you want to raise taxes on anyone right now?”

Obama is hitting a couple of good points in his rebuttal but he’s losing the framing on taxes, again. The issue isn’t raising taxes, the issue is making people pay their fair share. This isn’t about Joe the plumber its about the Paris Hilton’s of the world and the CEO’s who get out of paying taxes. We have to remove the burden from the middle class. Like Clinton said “people in pickup trucks shouldn’t have to pay for tax cuts recieved by people in limousines.”

McCain: “I’m not President Bush”

6:21: I just vote like him.

Live Blogging The Debate: Mike Tyson Punchout Style

From my homely friend Mary :

I made a comment on your blog
which i actually find valid
i was reading on the lap top in bed
and matt rolled over and punched me in the face
apparently he was asleep
but i still feel violated
and may have a black eye

It’s good to see that I can inspire acts of violence in people even when I’m not there.

PS. Mary isn’t really Homely, but she gets really upset when I tell people she is.

Live Blogging: McCain vs Obama I

Bailing out the Middle Class

6:05 Obama off to a good start with his line that “The middle class need a bailout now”. On CNN that polled through the roof with the focus group

Saving Mortgages

6:08 McCain made a HUGE innovative suggestion just now. He advocated the govt buying up the bad mortgages and renegotiating them at their lower rates, allowing people to stay in their homes. Very impressive idea. (Though I’d love to hear how McCain is going to pay for it)


6:27 McCain actually gave the right anwser about priorites. Problems like Health Care and Entitlement spending are interdependent. IE the biggest entitlement spending, and the biggest part of our budget, medicare spending. In fact we HAVE TO work on these problems at the same time in order to solve them.

Also, good line by McCain when he said “I’m not going to tell the person without health care to wait till…”

But what about Jack?!?!

6:45 BitchSteele chimes in “if we have safe nuclear plants, where will 24 get its plot lines?”

Impact Turn: Health Care

6:52: Obama says that McCain’s health care plan will lead to the unraveling of the employer based health care system. TURN: employer based health care is horrible both in terms of coverage, quality, cost to workers and cost to employers.

WTF Tom Brokaw?

6:56 Good question (Is Health Care a right, privledge, or responsibility?) How is health care a responsibility in any sense of the way? That logistically doesn’t make sense. Way to give McCain an out


6:58 Oh Barack Obama, quite the liar. During the primary you’re opposed to Mandates but during the general election you’re for them. If McCain were smart he’d use Obama’s own anti-mandate arguments against him

And btw, McCain is right, how much is this fine Obama?