It’s a Good Day to Be an American, Even If You’re a Republican Apparently

Ben Smith of Politico writes:

A well-placed Republican operative emails: “As I watched Biden take the oath of office, I thanked God that it was not Sarah Palin up there.”


I Told You So: Part II

The proverbial ink hadn’t even “dried” on my last post before I read Marc Ambinder pointing out another major instance of
Obama’s doublespeak

And before anyone says that Obama has to get experienced Washington insiders to help him run his adminstration, I know. THAT WAS THE ENTIRE POINT.

But whatever. What do I know, I’m just a guy with a blog.

My Thoughts On The Vice Presidential Debate

Palin had good answers. Unfortunately they weren’t to the questions that were being asked.

Palin won in the sense that she exceeded her expectation by not sounding like a complete idiot. But as far as content, personality, or any other measure that has letters from the alphabet Joe Biden took the debate hands down.


1. The Questions: I’m sure you were handed great talking points but the questions asked in the debate are pretty important. You know, to provide information. Politicians usually get away with linking out of a question or two, but Palin linked out of the entire debate.

2. Cute without the “E” : If you talk like a five year old, act like a five year old, and give off the impression that you have the intelligence of a five year old, then people are going to think of you like a five year old. Its cute that you can be folksy but uhhh…folksy doesn’t pay my bills. Considering that voters are most worried about the economy, Palin didn’t do much to help McCain close the deficit at the polls.

3. This is Baseball not Water Polo: Paul Begala made a good point on CNN. The way that McCain wins the election is by making Barack Obama seem risky. Palin didn’t advance that message at all. Palin helped herself in terms of not looking dumb, but thats not going to persuade undecided voters.

4. Soundbites: Biden had several, Palin had none. Nuff said.

PS. CBS News has Biden winning 46 – 21 with 33% saying it was a tie.
CNN has Biden up 59- 29

Live Blogging the Vice President Debate: Part II

Too Defensive?
6:52 PM: Biden is doing fine, but he’s being entirely too defensive. Its not for lack of ammo, he has some facts and stats, but every response he has is frame in a defensive light. He needs to go after Palin/McCain more aggressively.

Re: Bush Administration

6:56 PM: Good answer from Biden about talking about the Bush administration. Future soundbite to use : “We’ll stop talking about the failures of the Bush administration, when you stop repeating them.”

Palin on the role of the VP:

7:17 PM : “Vote for me because the Vice Presidency has authority”
… you sure you wanna go down that road Sarah?

Biden Burn

7:17 PM : “Dick Cheney is the worst vice president in the history of American politics”


7:29 PM: Nothing says Bipartisanship like attacking your opponent. Smooth.

Live Blogging the Vice President Debate: The Palin Strategy

Palin’s strategy so far seems to be to avoid the question at all costs and talk from her pre written debate notes. (Good thing Palin doesn’t do NPDA. We ban canned “cases”)

So far, Palin’s done this fairly successfully. She seems confident and personable. Though if people are paying attention, which they’re probably not, she actually seems less intelligent when she can’t directly respond to the questions/Biden’s points.

Live Blogging the Vice President Debate

Predatory Lendors Are At Fault?
6:12 PM: Since when? Not according to any Republicans you talk to. If you really believe that a McCain/Palin ticket is going to increase oversight on anything, I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you

6:26 PM: Isn’t it funny how John McCain is claiming that Obama supports tax increases when:

1. Palin raised taxes a Govenor of Wasilla to fund her sports complex
2. Alan Greenspan says that we can’t afford McCain’s tax cutes
3. McCain’s health care plan is a HUGE tax increase on employers. HUGE.


Biden: “McCain’s health care redistribution to insurance companies tax is the ultimate bridge to nowhere”

Global Warming

6:32 PM : Did Palin just deny the existence of global warming? Yes, yes she did.

Slate on Rape Kits:

Palin says that Obama called drilling raping the environment. Does she support paying for rape kits for the wilderness?