I Can’t Help But Wonder…

Where are all the calls for Mrs. Craig, Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Ensign, and Mrs. Vitter to leave their husbands? I think there’s a lot of conservatives who owe Hillary Clinton an apology right now…


Senator Caroline Kennedy…Ugh No Thank You…

Will somebody please tell me what qualifies Caroline Kennedy to be the Senator of New York? Because I have yet to hear one argument that would lead me to conclude she deserves the seat over the many many qualified politicians and political leaders in New York. When it comes to political appointments, Harriet Myers was more qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice than Mrs. Kennedy is qualified to be a Senator.

But there’s a compromise that’s lost in all of this back and forth. If Gov Patterson appointed one of the many qualified Congresspersons to the open Senate seat, say Carolyn Maloney, that would open up a congressional seat for Caroline Kennedy. Seems obvious to me.

I Told You So: Part II

The proverbial ink hadn’t even “dried” on my last post before I read Marc Ambinder pointing out another major instance of
Obama’s doublespeak

And before anyone says that Obama has to get experienced Washington insiders to help him run his adminstration, I know. THAT WAS THE ENTIRE POINT.

But whatever. What do I know, I’m just a guy with a blog.

Jesse Jackson Jr To Replace Obama In The Senate?

Man I wish my dad was famous.

For those looking for a reason to not vote for Barack Obama here’s a big one. If elected, there’s a good chance that Jesse Jackson Jr could replace Obama in the Senate.

That would be the same race baiting Jesse Jackson Jr who accomplished the rare double whammy when he managed to play the race card AND the Hurricane Katrina card, not once but TWICE in less than two minutes.

…there were tears that melted the Granite State. And those are tears that Mrs. Clinton cried on that day, clearly moved voters. She somehow connected with those voters.

But those tears also have to be analyzed. They have to be looked at very, very carefully in light of Katrina, in light of other things that Mrs. Clinton did not cry for, particularly as we head to South Carolina where 45% of African-Americans who participate in the Democratic contest, and they see real hope in Barack Obama.


We saw something very clever in the last week of this campaign coming out of Iowa, going into New Hampshire, we saw a sensitivity factor. Something that Mrs. Clinton has not been able to do with voters that she tried in New Hampshire.

Not in response to voters — not in response to Katrina, not in response to other issues that have devastated the American people, the war in Iraq, we saw tears in response to her appearance. So her appearance brought her to tears, but not hurricane Katrina.