Thought of The Day: January 4th, 2011

Thought of the day: Two people can have a conversation about a subject in which they disagree, without it being an argument. My opinions about apples being the best fruit aren’t necessarily an assault on your right to think oranges are the best. So next time you get  defensive or pissy because someone is “arguing” with you; shut up and grow some thicker skin. Because if you listen, you might realize that someone is trying to share a part of themselves with you.


Who the fuck is allergic to bananas?!?!

So my coworker just told me she was allergic to bananas. BANANAS! Who the fuck is allergic to bananas?!?!

Saying you’re allergic to bananas is like saying you’re allergic to soft pillows. Bananas are like the wuss asses of the fruit hierarchy. They get punked around by apples but they’re not quite the bitches kumquats are. (Who the fuck eats kumquats anyways…)

Now if it was oranges she was allergic to I could understand. Oranges will fuck you up. Have you ever gotten citric acid in your eye? Probably not because you’d be dead if you had. Or at the very least marginally uncomfortable. But a banana is no Orange neither here nor in a court of law!

PS. fuck shoes…yeah you know what I’m talking about 😉

Did You Miss Me?

As i’m sure many of you have noticed, my blogging has come to a standstill in recent days. I just moved to DC to start a new Internship and I don’t have regular access to the internet at home. However, I will continue to blog, hopefully daily, via BB and at work in the rare moments I have free time.