Deficit Zombies And Their Quest For Brains: Why Spending is Irrelevant

“This bill is bad because it increases the deficit! Yeah, well this bill is good because Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia!”

Both true statements. Both completely irrelevant to the debate over whether a bill should be signed.

Pointing to debts and deficits as evidence for why a bill is good or bad is an intellectually bankrupt way of adjudicating its desirability.

The debt will go up!!

So what? What’s the ultimate impact to that? Why is this relevant? Unless you can explain and quantify your meaning behind this, statement it doesn’t mean a thing.

Focusing exclusively on on how much a bill costs is a silly way to analyze whether a bill is good or bad. When you’re buying toys for your children would you buy a cheap toy from China full of lead that’s just waiting to give them poison?¬† Of course not.

Spending decisions, like all decisions, exist in the framework of cost benefit analysis. How much benefit are you getting relative to the disadvantages incurred by your actions? In this case conservatives have failed to make the case for what the ultimate implication of increasing the debt/deficit is. It exist as little more than a neurological reflex that’s triggered anytime they see a dollar sign. It’s not really all that different than a legion of zombie’s bumbling down the street with a blank expression on their face saying “BRAINS. BRAAAAAAINS”.

The jobs bill would cost $30 billion. (Remember .000000001% of the deficit) So what? That’s an extremely small price to pay to extend loans to small businesses, invest in R&D, and to help struggling parents feed their starving children. Hell, considering¬† the benefit to the economy, I’d say the jobs bill is a bargain.

$30 billion spent by the federal government is $30 billion the government just injected into the economy. The idea that we shouldn’t pass bills that spend money is just empty rhetoric. Empty rhetoric that violates all measures of common sense. That’s like telling a business it shouldn’t reinvest its capital into the business. Not only does this violate simple common sense, it’s quite literally, anti-capitalist.

It’s so simple even a caveman can do it, but apparently not so simple that a Republican can. So next time you look at a bill weigh the pro’s and con’s before you reject it out of hand.

And do yourself a favor. Don’t be a deficit zombie.