They Call Him…CONEFUCKER!!!!

A few days ago @ArthurBarnhouse called me a small and spiteful man. Guess he was right. Happy 4th of July Patrick :

Note: To all those who’ve been asking, yes, this was consensual man-on-cone sex.

No cone’s were harmed in the filming of this video. One was smacked around a bit but Foy said the cone was into that  so I guess it’s cool.


Spread Debate Makes Debut on Capital Hill

For all of you debaters out there who were always told that reading fast was a useless skill, I’ve got some good news for you.

The top Republican on the House Energy and Commerce committee, Texas Rep. Joe Barton, has been threatening to force the committee clerk to read the 900-plus page bill as a way to drag out the markup of the Democrats’ climate change legislation. Worried that this could jeopardize his goal of voting the bill out of committee before the Memorial Day break, Democratic Chairman Henry Waxman of California hired a speed reader, in case one was needed to publicly race through the massive bill.

Barton decided not to follow through on his threat — but he wanted to find out what a speed reader sounded like. He requested that one of the Republican amendments be read in full, and asked that the new hire take over for the full time committee clerk. Waxman obliged, and Douglas Wilder sat before the committee and began reading rapidly. He spoke so quickly it was impossible to decipher his words, as listeners began to laugh and applaud.

Here’s the video via TPM:

Joe Barton, you just got spread. Though as any debater can tell you, Mr Wilder, wasn’t really going fast. Just ask these guys.

The Legality of AIG Tax Cuts: The Debate

Rather than rehash all of the different legal arguments for and against the tax on AIG bonuses I;ll refer you here.

Its a debate between me and another blogger Jonolan, a true right wing conservative. Its more or less a good debate. While I personally think his arguments are lacking, he probably thinks the same of me, these are typically the arguments being used in the debate.

I’m Right; You’re Wrong: A Debate About The Obama Budget

I was feeling sick the other day so I went to the doctor. $10,000 in medical fees later, he told me I should get into more random arguments with people I don’t know. Lo and behold, I happened to get into an argument with some guy on one of the notes my friend posted on Facebook. Since I know you all love it when I break my rhetorical foot off in someone’s ass I’ve decided to post it to facebook. And hey, what better way to get a feel for the looming deficit discussion than to read me argue about it.

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Is An Effective Stimulus Bill Key to US Hegemony?

Tim Fernholz from Tapped makes a good point, and a good debate card.

There are national security reasons to pass the stimulus bill.

Awww, and he even quotes Mead. The only way this could get better is if he quoted Khalilzad.