Cognitive Dissonance…Now with Twitter!

I’ve added a widget that allows you to follow my twitter feed on Cog Dis. Now the next time you want to see what hilarious and offensive thing’s I’ve been saying you can just avert your eyes to the right side of the page.

Your welcome


Would You Like Some White Whine with that “White Whine”

If you like the site “Stuff White People Like” then you should check out “White Whine”. A list comprised of things that white people complain about. Here’s a sample:


“I hate when Esquire and Golf Digest come on the same day. I always feel like I have to rush through one to get to the other.”


“Really New York Magazine, you can put together a Fall Preivew Double issue but can’t manage to include an approval matrix?”

That one was so White I don’t even know what an approval matrix is…


“Why give me all this brie if you aren’t going to give me enough crackers to spread it on? Stupid Au Bon Pain.”


“I mean it feels good to buy organic, but would it kill Whole Foods to stock Diet Coke?”


Although the site counter on the lefthand side of the page tells me how many people are visiting my blog, I’m always curious to see who’s exactly is reading. Unfortunately Cog Dis only has a handful of regular commentators so I’m somewhat in the dark about the personalities that read here.

Thankfully, WordPress has a great feature called referrals which keeps track of what links people are clicking to get to my blog (IE who is referring people). Of course it should be noted that referrals only explain a small portion of who’s visiting my blog. But nonetheless, feeling a bit ambitious I decided to sort my referrals so I could see who my all time top referrals were.

I already knew who the top referral was going to be. They’ve held a very comfortable, and noticeable lead for a long time. But holy crap was I shocked to see that number two on the list of people linking to my blog was none other than…

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