Beatbox and Flute Playing The Super Mario Brothers Theme

I bet this guy gets ass all the time

If you’re a chick you kind of HAVE to sleep with him, right?


A Dialogue on Being an Asshole: More Great IM Conversations

Phil: (4:29:38 PM): i told Rachel that I think the universe intentionally keeps us separated for longer than a few moments at a time in order to prevent the global consolidation of assholishness in one place
Tom: (4:30:02 PM): true
Tom: (4:30:55 PM): they’d have to open an abundance of suicide prevention centers wherever we lived
Tom: (4:31:04 PM): to account for the people we’d demoralize
Phil:(4:32:27 PM): true
Phil:(4:33:00 PM): they’d also have to open up more hospitals for the numerous amounts of sadist bitches we’d knock up
Phil:(4:33:17 PM): just ask Megan and her six kids

EDIT: Megan is not just some Sadist Bitch. She is THE sadist bitch. The Sadist Bitch all other sadist bitches worship and build shrines in honor of.