New RoboCop Trailer….Did We Really Need A Remake?

Is it me or does the idea of doing a RoboCop remake remind you of the time the WWF tried to bring in a “new” “Razor Ramon”? Anyways, in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the trailer for the new RoboCop movie:

Ehhh….this trailer doesn’t leave me feeling very optimistic about the remake to the 1987 action classic. The original RoboCop was a masterpiece. The perfect combination of originality, satire, and political commentary wrapped up in 102 minutes of pulse pounding badassery. Originally written as a critique of the corporatist culture of the Reagan era, the original RoboCop’s message has a timeless appeal. The trailer for this remake demonstrate none of that, looking to instead replace the well crafted commentary with explosions and Samuel Jackson. Don’t get me wrong, I love explosions and Sam Jackson, but the hacks in Hollywood didn’t need to use the RoboCop franchise to make that kind of movie. Hopefully this isn’t just another one of Hollywood’s attempts to cash in on another one of my beloved  childhood franchises, but at this point i’m skeptical.


Which Anchorman Star Is Joining The Cast of The Office?

Will Ferrell!

At least for a four episode arc as a Sabre branch manager.

Will it be good? Dunno. Could be interesting, even though Ferrell’s work has gone done hill.

..and for the record…Anchorman = not that funny.

Yeah, I said it. Wanna fight?

Apparently Hot Chicks Like Ray Bradbury

I’m not going to comment…just watch the video below entitled “Fuck Me, Raybradbury”

What’s funny is that half the people got this and the other half are completely lost right now.

Click here for a high def version of the video. A special treat at the bottom of the link shows a picture of 90 year old Ray Bradbury watching the video..

And The Actor Selected to Be The Next Green Lantern is…

Ryan Reynolds

Obviously I would’ve preferred Nathan Fillion to take the reins as DC’s Emerald super hero, but Fillion was never even considered for the role outside of fan circles. Reynolds, who apparently beat out The Hangover’s Bradley Cooper and pop star Justin Timberlake  for the role, is still a solid choice.

My only complaint is that Reynold has a tendency to rely too much on his comedic skills and not enough on his acting talents. I’m all for wise cracking super hero’s, but I’d hate to see the Green  Lantern movie come across as campy. There’s not a lot of humor in the Green Lantern comics but still its there. I can’t help but wonder if Reynold’s casting is a telltale sign of what direction the script is going to take Lantern.

They’re Raping Him!!! They’re Rappppping Him: Speilberg Working on Indiana Jones 5

“Sequels are a lot like having sex with Kobe Bryant. You can kick and scream all you want but its going to happen whether you like it or not.”
-Family Guy (paraphrased)

We all knew this was coming. In this day and age movies that make a crap ton of money are pretty much guaranteed sequels regardless of how shitty the original movie was. *cough*TWILIGHT*cough*. So in many ways I’m not surprised to see that Steven Spielberg is allegedly working on a sequel to…hmmm what’s a politically correct way of saying abortion?… Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Also known as the 2nd worst movie ever made.

Here’s a few suggestions for possible titles:

Indiana Jones and the Straight to Video
Indiana Jones 5: What the Mutt?!
Indiana Jones and CGI Green Screen
Indiana Jones: Revenge of the Fallen (the Michael Bay Edition)

Poor Indy…I wonder how he feels about a sequel:

12 Minute Sneak Preview of BSG and Star Trek Writer’s New Show

Here’s a 12 minute sneak preview of longtime Star Trek writer and former Battlestar Battlestar Galactica writer Ron D. Moore’s new pilot VIRTUALITY. I’d like to say that I have high hopes, but its being slotted for Fox’s Friday night death slot. Make sure to watch the show when it premiers on June 26th

PS I’m still pissed at Fox for canceling Firefly, Those bastards…

Yes, Nathan Fillion SHOULD Play The Green Lantern

…which is exactly why Warner Brothers, never in a million years would cast him. It makes too much sense. Still, this fan made trailer is teh awesome:

Instead of Fillion it looks like this jackass is going to be entrusted with the Green Lantern ring. Don’t get me wrong, from everything I’ve heard, The Hangover will be an amazing movie, but I just don’t see Bradley Cooper as Hal Jordan, or even Kyle Rainer. Personally, I agree with Harry from AICN who says Cooper looks the part of Sinestro.

But we shall see…