New Hampshire Republicans to Women: FUCK YOU

This makes me mad:

Until July 1, a low-income New Hampshire woman paid an average of $5 to fill a birth control pill prescription at any of the state’s six Planned Parenthood clinics. She might have even gotten the birth control for free, depending on her poverty level.

But since the New Hampshire Executive Council voted to cancel the state’s contract with Planned Parenthood, a woman now has to pay anywhere from $40 to over $100 for birth control pills at a regular pharmacy.

Councilor Raymond Wieczorek of Manchester added that he opposed funding for birth control and condoms altogether.

“If they want to have a good time, why not let them pay for it?”

Is there anywhere ever, ever ,ever where denying women access to birth control measures has reduced pregnancies and/or adoptions? If there is, please tell me. Because prior to social conservative conventional wisdom giving the big “fuck you” to women does jack shit to promote their jihad against women’s reproductive choice.

“We can’t even provide patients with antibiotics for urinary tract infections or STDs anymore,” said Jennifer Frizzell, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. She said Planned Parenthood has had to turn away 20 to 30 patients a day who are showing up to refill their prescriptions.

“We have to send them away with a prescription knowing that without insurance, they have to pay the full cost of that at a local pharmacy, and many patients have told us they’re not gonna have the money in their budget to afford to fill those prescriptions.”

Because the best way to “save” fetuses is to slowly kill the mothers.

I’ll have a longer post later. I just wanted to put this out there now.


3 thoughts on “New Hampshire Republicans to Women: FUCK YOU

  1. This is such nonsense and it makes me so mad as well. Republicans are ‘pro-life’ only when it comes to the fetus, they care nothing for the life of the child after birth nor do they want preventative measures to protect against unwanted pregnancy, and ultimately, abortion. It’s ridiculous. If they were really ‘pro-life’ they would be focusing on preventing unwanted pregnancies and educating youth on safe sex, not annihilating women’s reproductive freedom.

    p.s. Like your title! It’s how the GOP truly feels about women anyways!

  2. This really pissed me off too–I’m currently doing a series on my own blog about the battle over Planned Parenthood as it plays out, and when I saw that New Hampshire did this, it made me so sorry that we live in a time when we’re willing to sacrifice actual health services in the name of a political agenda. And if you think what’s going on in New Hampshire is BS, take a look at Texas, Indiana (although a federal court already put Indiana in its place), Oklahoma and other states.

    I’m with HERstoryNews: we should be trying to promote safe sex, especially if we’re worried about STDs and want there to be less abortions. Too bad a lot of conservatives don’t seem to see it that way…

  3. If these women can’t afford their birth control, where the hell does the GOP think they’re going to get the money to pay for the children they’re going to end up having now? Oh yeah, that’s right people who pay taxes but they’re not worried about that because they’re probably hatching more loopholes to prevent them and theirs from having to pay taxes. I know it’s redundant to say but It’s kind of a fucked up when a society allows a group of people to get extremely powerful and rich by allowing them access to sell their goods/services to consumers and allows those same people to turn around and shit on the ones responsible for their wealth.

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