The Republican Jobs Program That Doesn’t Address Jobs

The House GOP just released their “jobs program”  proposal and …weeeelp it’s exactly what you’d expect:

“House Republicans…offered a proposal that would lower the top tax rate on individual and corporate income to 25 percent from 35 percent. The plan would also strengthen patent protections against some lawsuits, require congressional approval of significant new regulations, increase domestic oil protection and promote the party’s effort to make large cuts in government spending.

Yeah…really  great fucking plan. In case you haven’t checked the scoreboard lately the Republican solution to health care, unemployment, and pretty much any problem that’s ever existed in the past 200 years is…you guessed it, cutting taxes.

Apparently the Civil War could have been avoided had the North just lowered the corporate tax on plantations. Also the Confederacy only defended slavery as a means to keep taxes low on “the blacks.” Remember, slaves have no taxable income.


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