If Illegals Get An Education Who Will Pick My Corn?

Here’s some not so breaking news. Republicans in Congress are still hellbent on killing the Dream Act, which would create a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants attending college or who volunteer for military service. But instead writing a long crappy post like I normally do, I decided to just share a few of my thoughts:

1. Republicans believe in letting people find success by working hard and pulling themselves up by their boot straps. Unless they’re a minority or a woman. In which case they had some unfair advantage like affirmative action or the benefit of growing up a poor and/or a non citizen.

2. Personally, I hate the Dream Act. I’d much rather these kids stay poor and uneducated. Instead of getting a job they can just rely on the social programs conservatives hate. Hello supply, meet demand. I don’t know about you but growing demand for the welfare state gives me a liberal boner.

3.Thank God immigrants never use their education to create, you know, important or useful things.

4. Somewhere in Mexico, potential illegal immigrants are saying “Fine, if you won’t give my kids Pell grants in fifteen years then we’ll just stay here and starve.”

5. If we punish the children of illegal immigrants, for the crime parents committed, we should imprison the Madoff children for Fraud, Paris Hilton for stealing money from the poor, and George Bush for supporting Nazi’s during WWII.


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