Ohio Woman Jailed For Getting Her Children Into Better School

Yeah, this is an outrage :

Two-and-a-half years ago, Williams-Bolar was called to a meeting at the middle school her two daughters attended. When she arrived, she faced school administrators and a school lawyer. The meeting didn’t go well, turning into a shouting match.

This month, the 40-year-old single mom found herself in court, facing felony charges of tampering with records. She was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison.

The first question that comes to my mind is, why was the school district even investigating Williams-Bolar? The idea of school officials and their army of lawyers hiring taxpayer funded investigators to spy on families is more than creepy. But more importantly, shouldn’t school administrators be focused on…i don’t know…improving the quality of education in our school system? Maybe they should hire an investigator to find out why they’re so bad at their jobs.

Regardless, when we’re imprisoning mothers for sneaking their children into better public schools, then we really need to think long and hard about education reform.

If I were President Obama, or if he had the privilege of being me, I would pardon Williams-Bolar* and use this incident as the catalyst to spark an education revolution in America.

NOTE: I know Williams-Bolar only served 10 days in jail, but remember her original sentence was for five years. Not to mention that she will from this point on be a registered felon which could take away her voting rights as well as make future employment difficult.


One thought on “Ohio Woman Jailed For Getting Her Children Into Better School

  1. We NEED an educational revolution. Maybe this case will get us there. In my state, students can go to any district they want. Ohio needs some law changes. But the whole educational system needs an overhaul, too.

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