We’ll see how interesting this speech is. My forecast says snoozer.

9:17 PM For the record, I actually hate watching the president speak, don’t think he’s a great speaker, don’t find him inspiring or filled with substance. Bill Clinton you are not Mr President.

9:21 PM I’m one of the biggest fans of American exceptionalism, fuck other countries, but I get tired of politicians falsely telling Americans how great our country is. Don’t get me wrong, we do a lot of things well (we’re Rangers everyone else is special forces …fuck special forces) but there’s a lot America does poorly like…umm health care

9:28 PM Yes, fuck oil companies. MY GAS IS THREE GODDAMN DOLLARS. YOU DON’T DESERVE FEDERAL SUBSIDIES. Clearly the President has been reading my blog…

9:29 PM Umm winning the Super Bowl is a lot more impressive than that pop rocks volcano you won the 4th grade silence fair with.


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