Yet Another Stupid NCAA Policy

Well this is certainly the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard all day:

USC tailback Dillon Baxter hopped on a golf cart for a ride across campus a few days ago, but it turned out that the fellow student driving the cart is a certified agent with the NFL Players Assn. and an aspiring sports mogul. Punishment was duly meted out:

Baxter was ruled ineligible for last week’s game at Oregon State because the ride was regarded as a prohibited extra benefit. USC reported the incident to the NCAA, and Baxter is expected to be reinstated this week after making a $5 donation to charity — the approximate value of the benefit he received.

(h/t) Kevin Drum

This is what happens when you have ridiculous rules that allow people to make, literally, hundreds of millions of dollars off of student athletes but won’t even allow their millionaire coach to buy  a winter jacket for a player who can’t afford one.

Also, what the hell is the world coming to when we have students who are certified as NFL sports agents? Are players going to start getting busted because their tutor happens to an agent?


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