What Would Healthcare Be Like If Republicans Had Their Way?

Here’s the world under Sharon Angle…(But really, you can exchange Angle’s name with any Republican.)

In her world I get a job from an employer who tells me that I’ll be “covered” by insurance company x. I have no choice, but I’m just grateful to have “insurance”.  I say ” insurance” because my six year old was diagnosed with Asthma a year ago so the insurance company refuses to cover him because he has a “pre existing condition”. Because of this any medical care he needs, has to come out of my own pocket. They also refuse to pay for things like mammograms which would have likely caught my wife’s now advanced breast cancer at an early stage increasing her slim chance of survival.

Sharon Angle believes insurance companies have the right to determine the medical procedures they cover based on their profit margins. After all the free market will empower me to make choices. But in a depressed economy with high unemployment I don’t have the luxury of choosing a job with better insurance. So here I am stuck in a world where my employer and insurance company have freedom and choice while I am stuck with neither.

Think of that on election day…