Woman Starts Fight Over Chicken Nuggets





Apparently the fight was started because the woman in the car wanted Chicken McNuggets which of course no McDonald’s serves at 9am. At first glance I’m sure most people will admonish the use of violence over such a trivial matter. But to be fair to the woman in the car Chicken McNuggets are good. And to be more fair, hitting people in the face is funny. Really, if we’re going to blame anyone, and we should because blaming others is fun, we should blame McDonald’s. Why can’t I order your tasty tasty chicken McNuggets anytime I want. Here in America we believe in a little thing called freedom, commie.

This brutal attack is the first among many. Me and my followers pledge to hilariously beat the shit out of more McDonald’s employee’s working the drive thru until our demands are met! Our numbers are large and our resolve, larger. Do not attempt to thwart our plans. For we are your postmen, neighbors, school teachers and late night walmart greeters. We live amongst you by day and beat the shit out of you by early morning night. You can not stop us, because we are more than a movement. We are an idea. A tasty tasty idea…


One thought on “Woman Starts Fight Over Chicken Nuggets

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