Mythbusted: The Non Existant Migration Tax

Dylan Matthews, on Ezra Klein’s blog, produces a crap ton of research that disproves the one of the major myths (see lies) pushed by the free market ideology.  Namely, the idea that raising taxes will cause people to move to another, lower taxed, state.

Of course, anyone who sat down and thought about this for more than half a second could have probably dismissed this silly idea by themselves.

Despite what conservatives believe, people don’t govern their lives exclusively by monetary decisions. While it might be “profitable” to move from one state to another, people have emotional and social investments in the places they live now. Are mommy and daddy going to pack up the family and pull little Jenny out of school and away from all her friends just so they can move from a 5.4 tax rate to a 4.9 rate? Probably not.  Sure, Jenny could probably make new friends, but when you take into consideration finding a quality school, finding a new job (assuming there are jobs available no doubt a BIG if), buying a new house, moving away from family, oh and by the way WHO WANTS TO LIVE IN KANSAS?…the social implications begin to far outweigh the economic.

Of course, this is assuming that moving from state to state would produce a net positive economic impact. Moving is expensive, especially moving to another state that might be on the other side of the country. Can you find a job that pays you a comparable wage…hell can you even find another job? What’s the cost of living ,etc, etc.  I could sit here all day and list negative economic costs.

The Bottom line here is that the life of  an American is a lot more than just a number in an excel sheet. It doesn’t take common sense to figure out bullshit like this,  just normal sense.


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