Ten Things I Know That You Should Too

Things on my mind

1. Die hard is the best Christmas movie ever, followed closely by die hard 2

2. People should be able to smoke where ever they want if they look cool. If it’s good for Don Draper it’s good for me.

3. In order to even try to understand me as a person there are certain tv shows and movies you must first watch.

4. Getting an iPhone its a life changing event. Seriously, they’re that freaking sweet.

5. Croissants are entirely underrated as a breakfast food. Goddamnit I want more croissants.

6. Convenience stores that don’t sell alcohol aren’t convenient nor stores.

7. Only athletes should be eligible to win athlete of the year. I’m looking at you Jimmie Johnson and Associated Press.

8. Ninjas are better than pirates. A ninja would beat a Spartan if the two fought and jack bauer can kick chuck norris’ ass. No debate necessary.

9. If you don’t own a mac, then I’m just a little bit better person than you.

10. I only have 9 things on my mind. At least that I’m willing to share with you. The rest is for premium subscribers.


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