Health Care Reform: A Very Good Post About A Very Sad Story

From today’s New York Times editorial defending the need for Health Care reform:

“The American Cancer Society now says the greatest obstacle to reducing cancer deaths is lack of health insurance. It is so persuaded of that fact that two years ago, instead of promoting its anti-smoking campaign or publicizing the need for cancer screening, it devoted its entire advertising budget to the problem of inadequate health insurance coverage.”

Its kind of sad that at this point, weeks before the passage of a final bill, the NYT still needs to write an editorial making the case for health care reform.  And yes that read health care reform, not universal health care. Clearly the White House has dropped the ball on this oh so important health care bill. From the public option to the insurance mandate to the entire structure of the bill President Obama’s poor leadership has left much to be desired.

It’s times like this that I like to  remind people why Hillary Clinton was a much better choice for president…


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