Reading Between The Lines of the Birther Movement

Ezra Klein has a blog post up expressing his confusion about the “Birther Conspiracy. His basic premise is that he doesn’t really get since besides being factually incorrect, it also makes no sense. But the real gem in his blog entry doesn’t come from Ezra, it comes from one of his commenters who sums up the issue quite nicely:

They do not believe he is legitimate. If he is legitimate, the country they imagine does not exist. If he is, they no longer own that country, as they have believed they did for generations. For a certain number of millions of people, the America of Barack Obama simply cannot be home.

It is the exact same mindset that led Southerners to refuse to permit black soldiers even as the Confederacy was collapsing around them: if blacks could be soldiers, their entire theory of slavery was wrong. If Barack Obama can be a successful, honorable, and popular president, their entire theory of America is wrong.


2 thoughts on “Reading Between The Lines of the Birther Movement

  1. Those racists are everywhere. In your church, at your job…who knows, you could be sleeping right next to one every night!
    Someone needs to tell these sorry souls that they needn’t worry. All you need to maintain power in this country is globs and globs of money.

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