Bill Clinton: “Hey North Korea…SHUT THE FUCK UP…You’re Bugging The World”

I’ve always imagined that Bill Clinton had this blunt smoking, 40oz drinking alter ego that he calls upon when ever he needs to lay the smack down on some punk ass bitch who gets uppity with him. Eminem has Slim Shady whereas Bill Clinton has “Billy C”, as Jamie Foxx calls him. After today’s events I feel comfortable label my theory as a fact:

Former President Bill Clinton arrived in Los Angeles Wednesday morning after a dramatic 20-hour visit to North Korea, in which he won the freedom of two American journalists, opened a diplomatic channel to North Korea’s reclusive government and dined with the North’s ailing leader, Kim Jong-il.

While the front pages of the New York Times and Washington post will highlight the freed American journalist, I think the real story here is that “when Bill Clinton tells you to STFU you STFU” This just shows you how strong Billy C’s pimp hand is. After being held hostage for weeks, Clinton takes a trip to North Korea and manages to free the two caputered journalist in less than 24 hrs.


2 thoughts on “Bill Clinton: “Hey North Korea…SHUT THE FUCK UP…You’re Bugging The World”

  1. We’re all exited about the release of these abducted and imprisoned journalists and I understand you like President Clinton but how about a little reality?

    He didn’t lay any “smack down”.

    He didn’t tell anyone to shut up.

    He didn’t obtain the release of the reporters. The outcome of the meet was predetermined by negotiations by the State Department. The visit by a former US President was the price paid so that Kim could save face by getting a photo-op and lying about what they talked about.

    This makes “Billy C” not the pimp, but the whore.

    He may smoke blunts and drink 40s.

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