And The Actor Selected to Be The Next Green Lantern is…

Ryan Reynolds

Obviously I would’ve preferred Nathan Fillion to take the reins as DC’s Emerald super hero, but Fillion was never even considered for the role outside of fan circles. Reynolds, who apparently beat out The Hangover’s Bradley Cooper and pop star Justin Timberlake  for the role, is still a solid choice.

My only complaint is that Reynold has a tendency to rely too much on his comedic skills and not enough on his acting talents. I’m all for wise cracking super hero’s, but I’d hate to see the Green  Lantern movie come across as campy. There’s not a lot of humor in the Green Lantern comics but still its there. I can’t help but wonder if Reynold’s casting is a telltale sign of what direction the script is going to take Lantern.


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