Sex, Lies, And Hilarious AIM Conversations

Phil: speaking of the hangover…there is a very very attractive stripper on my couch right now
Steph: you have a couch?
Phil : you’re more surprised that I have a couch in my house than a stripper
Phil why thank you
Phil: that’s going on the blog


Steph: i need to save 3000
Steph: for the vera wang mattress
Steph: its like pure luxury
Steph: very like lush
Steph: i want to find it so i can see if it lives up to its description
Phil: these are my exact thoughts about the stripper on my couch


Megan: and 2) i cant imagine that your tact would be well suited to a bulimic stripper
Phil: i am just dying for an elaboration on 2)
Megan: haha you know you are an ass
Phil: i know i just like to hear it
Megan: i know you do
Megan: i hate to indulge you
Megan: so how does she not kill herself when you make fun of her?


Phil: starbuck is going to be on next season’s 24
Joelle: yes I know!
 Joelle: hot!
Phil: i feel that if i died without banging her a great injustice will have occurred
Phil: i wont go as far as to compare it to the injustice of slavery but its getting closer every day


Christina: is it wrong that I’m scrutinizing an “I’m admitting my love for you note” for bad spelling? Does that make me a douche??
Phil: What you should be scrutinizing is his taste in women


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