Should We Torture Dr. George Tiller’s Assassin?

Bill Maher asked an interesting question on his show this week that I think merits further discussion.

The Ticking Time Bomb Scenario is widely accepted as the main justifications for torture, according to torture supporters. The “Ticking Time Bomb theory” states there are certain situations where the prevailing evidence points to an individual holding important time sensitive information about impending terrorists attacks. In these situations, proponents of this theory argue that is both morally and legally permissible to torture this individual.

But here’s the question. If the ticking time bomb scenario is true, as torture supporters claim, should federal authorities torture Scott Roeder, Dr. George Tiller’s assassin, who claims to have knowledge of impending terrorist attacks on abortion clinics?

Interesting stuff huh? But wait, here’s part two.

Many torture supporters claim that the “harsh interrogation” tactics used by the Bush adminstration, IE waterboarding, were not in fact torture. If this is true and waterboarding is not torture, would “harsh interrogation” supporters support using similar techniques on Mr. Roeder?


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