Funny Story…

Funny story…

So I went to donate blood yesterday. Figured I’d be a good Samaritan and all. Or at least do some good to balance out all of the bad things I’ve been doing lately. Simple right? Well not so much. It seems like the simplest tasks always lead to the most unexpected of consequences.

After the doctor stuck me with the needle my blood flow immediately stopped. After adjusting the needle several times, painfully I might add, the attending nurse decided to restick me in my other arm. Seems logic right?

Not so much. Because after resticking me in my other arm my blood still refused to flow through the needle. Exasperated the doctor finally gave up and cut open one of the needles to see if there was some sort of blockage. He was right. There was a blockage.

My own blood.

It turns out that my blood was so thick sludgish, the industrial strength blood machines didn’t have enough power to suck it out of my body. Yes, you read that right, my body literally has black(ish red) sludge oozing through my body instead of blood.


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