Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home: The Notre Dame – Arizona State Controversies

If the 2008 presidential election has taught us anything its that conservatives are sore losers. Very sore losers.

You know conservative deranged syndrome has gotten bad when people are practically rioting on the street because the President is going to give a commencement speech that the universities invited him to.

Personally, I think honorary degrees are stupid. But the idea that President Obama is somehow “unworthy” of a meaningless paper weight is laughable. Its such a stupid issue that it only bears mentioning in order to be mocked.

First, Arizona State’s decision to deny Obama an honorary degree because he “lacks a significant body of work” is particularly galling and quite frankly an insult towards the office of the President of the United States. But what’s even worse, if you can imagine something worse than insulting the center of American democracy, is the futher explaination from university officials that honorary degrees were only given to people for their lifetime achievement.

Yes, because elected as the first African American president isn’t a lifetime achievement. How sad is it that when the best defense you can muster is “No, we’re not un-American, we’re just racists.” And yes, it is racist to say that being elected as the first black president isn’t a significant lifetime achievement.

All of this coming from a school that prides itself on it’s major in golf management and reputation as the top party school in the country..

At least at Notre Dame university officials tried to make a legitmate argument against the President speaking. Of course their arguments ignored the fact that a majority of Notre Dame students supported President Obama in the presidential election. And the fact that a majority of Catholics voted for Obama. And the fact that Notre Dame has a long history of pro choice politicians who have given commencement speeches.


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