Supreme Court Opposition: The Ultimate Political Pyramid Scheme

President Obama hasn’t selected a Supreme Court nominee yet, but conservatives already know that they hate them. At least according to an article in today’s New York Times. Of course, this isn’t anything that hasn’t been said before. But what strikes me as particularly galling is how open and unashamed Republicans are about using their false opposition to Obama’s eventual pick to fill their campaign coffers.

Let me be clear, that this is a criticism of these particular organizations and not conservatives as a whole. But how much more unethical can you get, than preying on the fears of your supporters with horribly misleading, or down right false, propaganda whose sole purpose is bleeding them dry of their hard earned money. All of this during a recession in which many families are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to get by.

Money makes the world go round. I get that. And organizations have to use political situations to raise money. I get that too. But when you’re creating a political zeitgeist which you have no intention of offering legitimate opposition to, which this movement has flat out stated, then that strikes me as usury. Tricking people into paying for a service you have no intention of providing. The ultimate political pyramid scheme.

PS. While this post isn’t about conservatives as a whole, I will say that their “opposition” strategy is pretty lame. Oh noes! A gay judge supports rights for homosexuals! A woman judge is pro choice! The minority judge supports affirmative action! HAS THE WORLD GONE CRAZY?!?!?


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