Extended 4 Min Trailer From Terminator: Salvation Just Released

Warner Brothers just released a 4 minute extended trailer from the new terminator: Terminator: Salvation

A couple of thoughts:

1. I’m infinitely skeptical of any movie that gets a 4 minute trailer. In my experience, most of the big budget Hollywood movies that get released these days don’t even have 4 minutes of a quality movie. And we all know that one of the worse movie experiences is when you’re sitting in the theater and you realize that all the good parts of the movie were in the trailer.

2. I’m even more skeptical of a badass action movie that has a PG=13 rating ESPECIALLY a Terminator movie. Sure, movies have pulled it off before, The Dark Knight comes to mind, but I can ‘t recall a movie who’s main selling point was a heavy dosage of violence, explosions, and post apocalyptic war who has pulled it off. I might be willing to overlook this if not for the seal clubbing that was Terminator 3. A “movie” that had absolutely nothing good about it. Not to mention that James Cameron is being replaced by McG. Yes, the same McG that directed Charlie’s Angels. Ugh


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