The Bizarre News of Our Sick Sad World

Remember this next time you put money into the collection bin

Pastor uses church funds to try and kill disabled man:

There is double indemnity and then there is double depravity. Baltimore Pastor Kevin Jerome Pushia, 32, is accused in a shocking criminal conspiracy. He allegedly befriended a blind and disabled man, Lemuel Wallace, as part of his work with developmentally disabled people at his church, The Arc of Baltimore. He then allegedly used church funds to hire a hit man to kill him and collect on life insurance money. Police say that he has confessed to the conspiracy.

Who would Jesus torture?

Latest Pew poll shows that religious people most likely to support torture:

The Pew Forum has released an interesting poll that the more religious Americans, the more likely they are to support the use of torture against terrorism suspects.

This is what Thank You For Smoking would look like if it were a Chinese film

Smoke or Die:

Authorities in Gng’an county are concerned about the economy and faltering sales of the local cigarette brand, Hubei. The solution was simple. They reportedly ordered government workers to smoke more or face possible fines.

China has 350 million smokers, but the authorities believe that civil servants and teachers could do more — setting a target of 230,000 packs a year. That amounts to 4.5 million cigarettes.


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