kissmeonmy4head: just got back from dropping my car off at the mechanics
x100bulletsx: and the verdict is?
kissmeonmy4head: dont know yet
kissmeonmy4head: he is going to look at in the morning
x100bulletsx: i’d bet you money that its going to be expensive
x100bulletsx: but thats just be salt on the wound of irony

x100bulletsx: DID YOU SEE HER O FACE?
x100bulletsx: or at least her fake O face
x100bulletsx: 😉
TheDouche: i couldn’t tell, it was covered in reproductive fluid
x100bulletsx: haha
x100bulletsx: *round of applause*
x100bulletsx: you might even say its a standing Ovation

kissmeonmy4head: what about popeyes they are having some special tomorrow
x100bulletsx: what is it?
kissmeonmy4head: eff if i know
kissmeonmy4head: i just half watched a commercial
x100bulletsx: and you thought youd tell the first black man you talked to
x100bulletsx: if i had never stuck a finger inside you, i’d think you were a racist


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