Apple To Slash Prices On Laptops


A report last week that Apple (AAPL) is preparing to slash prices on its entry level MacBook and iMac models has triggered a flurry of speculation about what the new price points might be.

How low will Apple go to turn that around? Jade’s reporting — based on unnamed sources “familiar with the matter” — is fuzzy on that point, but in the comment stream he makes it clear that he’s talking about price reductions in the range of $100 to $150.

Applying these cuts to the current entry-level machines, we get:

* White 13-inch MacBook: $849 – $899, reduced from $999
* 20-inch 2.66 GHz aluminum iMac: $969 – $1,019, reduced from $1,119

I’ve had several PC’s and several Macbook’s so trust me when I say, that if you buy a PC you’re a piece of shit. Yes, that includes poor children living in inner city ghetto’s.

(Don’t worry that last part is sarcasm…mostly…)


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