Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?

We all know that the teabaggers don’t really have any idea how we should reduce federal spending. So, being the good samartian that I am, I’ve decide to help them by producing this graph of what we spend federal tax dollars on:


Please tell me what you would cut, how much you’d cut, and how.

Thank you


2 thoughts on “Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?

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  2. Okay so I was going to be rude with the comment but I think the above comment makes a good point. And that point is that we should be able to reap what we sow, but unfortunately that is not how a society works. A group of people come together to set up rules to build an infrastructure for a collective support system = society. People give up certain rights, like taking whatever they want or killing other people for what they want (exaggerations) but they gain the support of society by becoming a member. Part of becoming a member is paying taxes to support the system that protects members’ property and lives, among other things, and our system happens to also have several basic (education, research, etc) and “need” based (medicaid, W.I.C., HUD) programs that are available to everyone, even if you don’t use them. Both basic and need based programs help keep the status quo. If would like to reap what you sow then move outside of society and support yourself from the land but be prepared to live by the laws of the nature. If you wish to live in society then you play by the rules and these are the rules that have been set up. If you want to change the rules then by all means lobby for change, but be prepared for problems in case the changes you make happen to throw off the balance of society.

    I have to say that ideologically what you said makes sense, but you can’t practice some ideologies in reality and expect that you will get the outcome you’re looking for. If you marginalize anybody you increase the chance of bringing the laws of survival back into the game and thus disrupt the status quo of society.

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