Someone just linked to my blog entry about where your tax dollars go and responded with this:

This post explains where taxes go. And as to what should be cut? Well, why do hardworking Americans have to prop up everyone and everything else with their money? Can’t people just live and keep their own money?


…You can’t be this stupid. You, my friend, are a failing of the American public school system.

You know what…I’m not even going to correct you. I want you to sit in the corner for 5 minutes and think about what you just said.


4 thoughts on “EPIC FAIL

  1. How do you suppose we pay for the government without taxes? Or perhaps you think we shouldn’t have a government? No government, no police, firefighters, teachers, paved roads. No research funding for inventors who would eventually create the internet and allow you to read this blog entry.

    No military, no protection from foreign countries, etc, etc.

    None of its that important

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