My heart really goes out to the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Try as they might, they’re just not good at this whole budget thing. After releasing last week’s budget budget “preview”, a 19 page document that contained more pictures of windmills than it did numbers (1-0), republicans tried again by releasing a new and “improved” budget today…Yes today…April 1st.

You know, political opinions aside, you’d have to think that someone might have realized that releasing a budget on april fools day, was probably…not a good idea.

But what’s worse, is that the budget could easily be confused with an April fool’s joke. Yeah, its that bad. How bad you ask? I think the best description probably was : “This is just embarrassing. It’s like watching a Pauly Shore movie.”

As far as anyone can tell, the House budget is basically a fairy tale of what would happen if the rules of common sense didn’t apply. For example, a person who wants to lose weight wouldn’t cut off their leg. Ah, but the person would lose weight, according to the GOP and their budget. And losing weight is the goal here right?

Imagine if I wrote up a budget proposal for a small business and asserted that revenues will grow next year after Warren Buffett dumps several large bags of money on my doorstep. It would probably be true that if Warren Buffett dumped several large bags of money on my doorstep, revenues would increase. But he’s not going to do that.

And we’re not going to do this. We’re not going to echo Hoover and radically slash spending amidst a demand slump. We’re not going to voucherize Medicare and then tie the worth of the vouchers to a “premium payment” that grows more slowly than health costs and so is worth less every single year. We’re not going to repeal the stimulus bill and let Pell Grants fall below inflation and let unemployment benefits expire and let Social Security benefits cease growing with the economy. We’re not going to freeze funding for food stamps and home heating assistance and road repair and law enforcement. A five-year spending freeze is far beyond anything George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan ever contemplated. It’s not what you do when you’re responsible for running the government. It’s what you propose when you’re responsible for running the messaging.



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