New York Governor David Patterson = Boned in 2010

I knew New York Governor David Patterson was in trouble but I didn’t know he was in this much trouble:

Paterson is viewed favorably by 29 percent of voters and unfavorably by 58 percent, down from last month‟s 40-47 percent rating. His job performance rating is 19 percent positive, 78 percent negative down from 28-69 percent last month. Only 14 percent of voters are prepared to elect Paterson as Governor in 2010, compared to 67 percent who prefer “someone else.” That‟s down from 19-57 percent last month. […]

In a hypothetical 2010 Democratic primary for Governor, Cuomo leads Paterson 67-17 percent, up from last month’s 53-27 percent. In December Paterson led 49-26 percent. In a potential general election matchup, Giuliani beats Paterson 56-33 percent, up from 51-36 percent last month. Paterson led 51-38 percent in December. Cuomo leads Giuliani 51-41 percent, similar to last month’s 51-38 percent.


After several AIG executives agreed to return their bonuses today, I’m sure Cuomo, NY’s Attorney General, will get an even bigger boost in the polls.

You think Patterson regrets not appointing Cuomo to the Senate now?


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