The Feminist Movement Just Took A Step Back

46 of them to be exact.

Normally I wouldn’t blog about these types of issues. I’m not much of a gossiper especially when it comes to Z-list “celebrities”, but for someone this stupid I’ll gladly make an exception:

A 36-year-old Swedish countess divorcing a former CEO says she cannot live on $43 million.
Marie Douglas-David, a former investment banker, says she has no income and needs her 67-year-old husband, George David, to pay her more than $53,000 a week _ more than most U.S. households make in a year _ to cover her expenses.

Douglas-David has filed court papers showing she has more than $53,800 in weekly expenses, including for maintaining a Park Avenue apartment and three residences in Sweden. Her weekly expenses also include $700 for limousine service, $4,500 for clothes, $1,000 for hair and skin treatments, $1,500 for restaurants and entertainment, and $8,000 for travel.

At that rate, Douglas-David would burn through $43 million in less than 16 years. The Census Bureau estimates that the median U.S. household income in 2007 was just over $50,000.

Here’ s the problem I have with divorce proceedings. Why is a non income generating spouse entitled to any money let alone 50%, the rule of thumb in divorces? If you didn’t bring any money into the household why should you take money out of the household when you leave. Emotional support, sacrifice, being accustomed to a certain standard of living are all legalese for empty rhetorical bullshit.

I don’t consider myself a hardliner on this issue. There are certainly circumstances where one party deserves an alimony payment. They worked while putting the other person through school, the coupled agreed that he/she would stay home to take care of the kids, etc. but these are special circumstances not defacto situations. You made the decision to get married and you have to deal with the consequences of your marriage’s failure. Both emotional and financial.

Marie Douglas-David. You’re not entitled to someone’s money because you were an innocent bystander while they acquired it. You’re not entitled to a certain standard of living. And most importantly, you’re not entitled to be rich. Marriage isn’t a retirement plan. Try earning your own way instead of surviving off of the teat of someone else.


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