Majority of House Republican’s Vote Support AIG Bonuses

Yep, you read that right.

Unsurprisingly the House just passed their bill to rescind AIG’s bonuses by taxing them at 90%. Here’s the vote breakdown:


Yea: 243
Nay: 6


Yea: 85
Nay: 87

Yes, you read that right. There were 87 Republicans, including minority leader John Boehner, who believe AIG executives should keep their bonuses. Or in more blunt terms, the majority of house republicans believe that taxpayers should give a handout to wealthy executives who essentially committed fraud.

I don’t think I need to spell out the implications of this vote for anyone. Let’s just remember this the next time republican’s rally against , wasteful government spending, burdening taxpayers, or opposing “handouts” to the poor.


5 thoughts on “Majority of House Republican’s Vote Support AIG Bonuses

  1. They didn’t commit fraud, they had those bonuses written in the contracts with AIG. And by the way, the Democrats passed the legislation that had the provision that said explicitly that AIG can offer bonuses with the bailout money.

    Also, the implications of this vote also show that Democrats don’t mind having a fascist state that creates selective laws. Your current Government and Parliament are two jokes with a bigger joke as President.

    • 1. We don’t have a Parliament buddy. By the way your credibility = out the window

      2. The fraud I was referring to is in regards to their credit default swaps and not the bonuses they’re paying.

      3. Not one month ago Republicans opposed capping executive payouts because they were “socialist”.

      4. Democrats didn’t approve of the bonus loophole, the treasury department asked for the loophole to be included during committee after the bill was passed. They wanted to avoid costly litigation from execs suing for their bonuses. Though I definitely disagree with this assessment.

  2. I said Parliament because the Congress and Senate are just that… A parliament. And the fraud was done by the government through Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that backed a ton of the stupid house market moves and the Fed who printed cheap money.

    What private companies do with money is their business. And Democrats didn’t really care about the loophole until it hit the press, did they?

    • Okay look.

      I certainly disagree with you. But thats not my point. Your “argument” literally makes no sense. The actions of freddie mac and fannie mae are completely irrelevant to whether or not AIG committed fraud.

      That’s like saying Billy didn’t cheat on his test because Bobby did.

      if you want to have a debate about freddy and fannie, I’m game. Just don’t pretend that their actions have anything to do with AIG.

    • “What private companies do with money is their business.”

      I’m not going to pretend to fully understand the dynamic of your two’s argument, but you can’t say that private companies can do whatever they want with money when referring to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and then turn around and bitch that the government pulled AIG’s card: it’s the GOVERNMENTS/peoples fucking money. Without it, the company would have gone the way of the dodo bird! Plus it’s a whole new ballgame when the govt bails your ass out to try to salvage the country’s economy. Regardless if it’s working or not, or if you agree with how they are doing it or not. When the govt gives you money b/c you fucked up it isn’t so you can put the money straight into your employees personal accounts. According to your theory Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac should use the govt money to just keep doing the things they did that led up to the crash because what they do with their money is their business. Lastly, (my own axe to grind here, a little off topic) don’t give me the line about retention bonuses being used to keep qualified people on board. Maybe their are only a handful of people who can do certain jobs in this world but for half those execs salaries/bonuses, I guarantee you that their are 100 people out their who could collectively do the same job (ie all 100 people’s salary wouldn’t equal what one exec was getting paid).

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