Want To Understand Race Relations? Read “Stuff White People Like”

I’ve always noticed that there were certain aspects of “mainstream” society that I just didn’t understand. Relax by hiking on a day off? No thanks, I “hike” to work everyday. Its called walking. Eat sushi? Umm no, we discovered fire for a reason. Wait for the tannins to settle in wine. 1. I don’t drink wine and 2. Did you just call me gay?

Normally I would chalked up my dislike of these things as not being a dumbass. But now I know that I dislike these things because I’m not white.

“Stuff White People Like” (and thus I don’t like), can save your life. Read it now!

Back in the day, I had to explain to my (white) friends why I didn’t like Wes Anderson movies or Organic foods. Now, I just point them to SWPL. Its quite the time saver.

NOTE: This clip from comedian KT Tatara reminds me of this subject :

“If Japan’s So Pretty Why’d You Blow it Up?”


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