How Bob Herbert Got His Groove Back

Like most people, I used to hate reading Bob Herbet. His columns typically lacked the useful intellectualism and political fortitude that usally associate with columnists from the New York Times. But that boring Bob is no more! If there’s one benefit to the collapse of the housing market its the revival of Bob Herbet’s badass editorials. In his latest Badass Bob makes a good point. Stop bitching to Obama about the economy “STILL” not being fixed. Dude’s been in office for 6 weeks:

In the midst of the craziness, conservatives are busy trying to blame this epic economic catastrophe — a conflagration of their own making — on the new president. Forget Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush and George Herbert Hoover Bush and the Heritage Foundation and the Club for Growth and Phil Gramm and Newt Gingrich and all the rest. The right-wingers would have you believe this is Obama’s downturn.

The bear market would no doubt have magically turned around by now, and those failing geniuses at the helm of our flat-lined megacorporations would no doubt be busy manufacturing new profits and putting people back to work — if only Mr. Obama had solved the banking crisis, had lowered taxes on the rich, had refused to consider running up those giant deficits (a difficult thing to do at the same time that you are saving banks and lowering taxes), and had abandoned any inclination that he might have had to reform health care and make it a little easier for ordinary American kids to get a better education.

Snark aside, one of the more amusing themes thats come up in the past week or two deals with conservatives accusing Obama of using the crisis to push his “secret liberal socialists agenda”

*cue horror music!!! *

This argument, in all seriousness, makes me laugh.

While there are several important facts conservatives conviently overlook regarding Obama’s budget (it increases revune by expanding the tax base, invests in our crumbling infrastructure, and includes start up costs for many programs that will save money in the long run), all of this ignores the elphant in the room.

There was an election a few months ago. One party ran on fixing the problems facing American and one party ran on ignoring them. Americans overwhelmingly voted for the former. There is no secret conspiracy by Obama and democrats, they’re just upholding the promises they made to public, a foreign concept to many conservatives no doubt.

Is Obama/the Democrats’ agenda socialist? Conservatives had better hope not, becuase if so, that means that the American public has overwhelmingly rejected conservatism in favor of socialism.


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