Zombies In Omaha!

(h/t) to Bitch Steele.


Zombies are lurking on Harrison Street.

At least that’s what a message board warned drivers of early Thursday morning.

“Danger Zombies Ahead” is what Bryce Holmes recalled reading on the message board near 60th and Harrison Streets early Thursday morning.

A hacker drilled the lock off the sign’s programming box sometime before 2 a.m. and reset it with a message of the undead.

The hacker also changed the password so the sign couldn’t simply be reset. Holmes, an employee for Todco Barricade of Omaha, was dispatched to turn off the sign, which is owned by the City of Omaha.

The sign hacking might be a first for the Omaha area, said Todd Pfitzer, city traffic engineer. But warnings of the living dead have arisen elsewhere. Message boards were reprogrammed in recent weeks in Texas, California, Oregon and Washington.

Cindi Goff, owner of River City Barricade Company, said she believes Thursday’s hacking was inspired by a Web site that posted a how-to on hacking electronic road signs.

On Jan. 28, Jalopnik.com published a tutorial titled “How to Hack an Electronic Road Sign.”

This is awesome. That’s all I have to say.


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