50 Reasons People Have Sex

Here’s the list our friends on How I Met Your Mother made when they were thinking of the many reasons people have sex:


Some of my personal favorites:

8.) Nothing good on TV
37) They have air conditioning and you don’t
40) Called/Texted the wrong person but he/she was willing anyways.
46) It’s getting a little hard

Seriously, read the whole list. Wait, better idea. Read the list with your girlfriend and use it as a reason to have sex! In the mean time here’s a few more I wrote that should be added to the list:

10. Twins!
9. Your girlfriend is crying and you think tears are the best lubricant.
8. Two words: Drunk Lesbian
7. Your ex girlfriend gets really turned on when she reads your blog (Hi Kryztal!)
6. She’s Mormon and she’s willing to let you do dirty things to her
5. Your girlfriend doesn’t want to which, lets be honest, just makes it that much more enjoyable
4. Its punish the wife night at the Gold house and tonight you’re getting anal
3. A feminist is offering you sexual favors in exchange for helping her with her paper
2. Making “How I Met Your Mother” the video with The Douche’s mom
1. Your name is Patrick Foy and you see an attractive road cone.


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