Keeping My Money Doesn’t Count As Keeping Your Own

One of the biggest myths Republicans like to propagate is that the government takes too much of “their money”. Thus their talking point claims that “Democrats” won’t let you keep your own money. However, Gail Collins nails the hypocrisy inherent within this statement:

Louisiana has gotten $130 billion in post-Katrina aid. How is it that the stars of the Republican austerity movement come from the states that suck up the most federal money? Taxpayers in New York send way more to Washington than they get back so more can go to places like Alaska and Louisiana. Which is fine, as long as we don’t have to hear their governors bragging about how the folks who elected them want to keep their tax money to themselves. Of course they do! That’s because they’re living off ours.

As much as Republicans like to talk about “keeping their own money” they’re more than willing to suck up federal dollars which originate from the paychecks of taxpayers in other states.

Speaking of hypocrisy, how can Bobby Jindal, the governor of a state ravished by natural disasters complain about funding to natural disaster research.


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