After Four Years Congress Listens To Me (Sort of): DC To Get Voting Rights

It’s about fucking time:

Today, in a vote of 62-34, the United States Senate voted for cloture on the DC House Voting Rights Act (H.R.157/S.160). After a centuries-long struggle, DC residents have overcome a significant hurdle in their fight for voting representation in Congress.

“Congress truly made history today,” said Ilir Zherka, DC Vote Executive Director. “Not since the 1970’s has a piece of DC voting rights legislation made it to the floor of the Senate. After years of protests, marches and calls to Congress, District residents are finally on their way to having their voices heard.”

…”Victory is so close on this issue but the fight’s not over yet,” said Zherka. “There has been a lot of discussion about possible amendments to the Senate bill. We are calling upon the Senate to pass this bill without amendments.”

DC Vote’s mission is full congressional voting representation for District residents. Next on the group’s agenda is working towards full democracy for DC.

“We will certainly be celebrating once the DC Voting Rights Act is passed,” Zherka emphasized. “It will be a momentous win. But then, it’s on to the business of defending any legal challenges to the legislation and looking towards future victories such as Senate representation and broader, local autonomy for the District.”

Jerome Armstrong opines that this bill might be the first step to DC Statehood:

The ‘solution’ is sorta a cut-the-baby-in-half one. DC gets a single Rep in the House, and one more is added, which goes to Utah and the GOP. But the issue of whether this is constitutional is a pretty big one– since when do places that are not states have Congressional representation?

It will go to the courts, and I would not be shocked to see it reversed; because its not really that great of a precedent, and it doesn’t really entirely solve the problem. If that happens, then it will go back to Congress, and force the issue of statehood– which it should.


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