The Case Against Slumdog Millionaire

If the immoralities of child exploitation wasn’t enough for you to root against Slumdog Millionaire winning Best Picture, Ezrs Klein has some…you know… real criticism of the actual movie:

Slumdog Millionaire is really two movies: ‘Slumdog’ and ‘Millionaire.’ Slumdog is a grim depiction of acute poverty, ethnic violence, and the terrible havoc deprivation wreaks on men’s souls. It is powerful, and some, if not all, of the characters are richly drawn. The relationship between the brothers is complex and compelling. The cinematography is breathtaking.

But Millionaire is much worse: An unconvincing and poorly drawn fantasy. The love story makes little sense, and mistakes a near-pathological fixation for romance. The game show vehicle is smart, but undeveloped: It’s a self-conscious narrative gimmick, which is rather the worst kind.

Feel free to add your own complaints about Slumdog in the comments section bellow.


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