Senate Republicans Seek To Stop Stimulus Bill

Emboldened by their sense of blind eyed ideology, Republicans in the senate are trying to block the passage of the stimulus bill because it “costs too much”.

But let’s put this into perspective.

Republicans had eight years to balance budgets, lower spending and reduce the size of the deficit.

But they didn’t.

Instead they did the opposite, spending money like a Hollywood trophy wife addicted to prada shoes and gucci bags.

But instead of Prada or Gucci, they spent trillions of dollars whoring themselves out to pharmaceutical lobbyists, Haliburton and the same CEO’s begging small business owners and single mothers to bail them out.


Fuck that. You can’t double the deficit bankrolling special interests and then say there’s no money “leftover” to spend on insuring 50 million uninsured Americans or fixing our crumbling infrastructure.


4 thoughts on “Senate Republicans Seek To Stop Stimulus Bill

  1. I am not a believer that any proposed stimulus will work. (regardless of who authors it). It seems that until assets are revalued at proper levels, we are not going to get to the end of this mess. House prices are still overvalued in some areas etc…

    Unemployment benefits need to be underwritten of course…it’s just a big freakin trainwreck…both parties are equally to blame for this shit storm.

    Anyway…just thinking out loud

  2. The cause of the recession and the way to end it are two different issues though. The fact that there are still matches in the house doesn’t mean that water won’t put out the fire.

    Of course you can say “well someone could just restart the fire” but you’d be relying on multiple agents working in unison to repeat the exact same mistakes. Not to mention the restrictions now in place on financial institutions receiving federal money.

    Ideally a stimulus bill would act as a catalyst to jump start the economy by providing jobs and pumping money into the economy. Its kind of like using shock paddles to get a heart started again.

  3. I’ve heard rumors of a bill that would forgive federal student loans as another way to help stimulate the economy.

    1. If this were to occur, how much is this really going to help?

    2. Taking away a portion of students/graduates debt doesn’t eliminate their student loan debt.

    3. Even if it did eliminate their entire student loan debt, the majority of them don’t have jobs; ie no jobs = no money to pay back loans, or in this case the money that would be saved/spent because they don’t have to pay back loans. Are people who support this under the impression that if we eliminate their debt today, we’ll work on getting them a job tomorrow?

    I would like to that I like the idea of forgiving federal student loans, but I guess I just don’t see where we go from there and whether it’s even a good idea?

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